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Meet the Composer

Alejandro is a multi-instrumentalist composer and sound designer based in Montréal, QC. He has independently released three albums, as well as scored various short films, documentaries and a feature film.

He began his music career as a drummer in his native Mexico, in 2008, playing lots of different genres. He had begun writing his own music in 2006 but it wasn’t until 2013 that he began writing to picture. 2013 saw Alejandro move to Sydney, Australia, to finish his studies in composition and music production. Here he dedicated his creative time to build experience working with films, in addition to developing his own musical voice through his solo work for chamber, concert and piano music.

In 2015 Alejandro moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, to earn his Masters degree in Composition for Screen. While in Edinburgh he collaborated with greatly talented filmmakers and producers from the UK, Mexico, Bulgaria and Australia.


Alejandro’s first orchestral piece, Memoria es Semilla, was release in December 2014, followed by Changing Wind in 2016. He released his first two solo albums, ‘Respiros’ and ‘Tampered Chamber Music’ late 2016.

His original soundtracks available online include two of his recent film collaborations, Amber Blue (Music for the Short Film) and A Common Connection (Music for the Film), both from 2017.  Souvenirs Silencieux, his first solo piano-music album, hit digital stores and streaming on December 2017. Two new soundtracks are expected to be ready for purchase by mid-2018.

Since 2017 Alejandro alternates work between Mexico City and Montréal. He is currently working on his first feature film and two new solo albums. 

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