Kl Pad 2

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Kl Pad 2 is an amazing new upgrade from the original Kl Pad 1. New UI and two new collections of new sounds!

Made from the same clarinet samples from a 2014, Kl Pad 2 has five categories of sounds:

- What we've named Kl

- Reverb

- Delay

- Tremolo

- Distortion

Each of these categories includes three different versions. The first row are the original sound sources from Kl Pad 1. For the second row we ran the original signals through a series of pedals and effects, creating a more modulated version of these samples. Finally, the third row features the original samples + the modulated versions ran through a cassette tape multiple times, creating a slightly wobbly and warm version of these sounds. All controls are CC assigned, just like all other Acousmatic Sounds instruments.

New features:

Kl Pad 2 also includes attack and release knobs that control all sound sources, as well as the addition of a spreader knob, offering the option of having a fully mono signal or exaggerating the stereo field.

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