Pulsing Phaser Pad

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The newest addition to the Acousmatic Sounds family: Pulsing Phaser Pad!

Pulsing Phaser Pad is as bizarre as it is useful. Each of its controls provide a different colour to include in your usual palette. Whether you're looking for new textures to add to your sound design or for something to spice up your lead melody, the Pulsing Phaser Pad will offer an interesting solution.

This Kontakt instrument consists of four sound sources:

- M

- R

- C

- F

Purposely vague, each of these controls is an extreme version of the same sample.

Pulsing Phaser Pad also features:

- Three EQ controls, with a gain and frequency knobs.

- A stereo spreader knob.

Like all Acousmatic Sounds instruments, all of the controls are CC asignable, giving you ultimate control to draw any curve you want in your DAW.

Here's a walkthrough video to learn some more about this awesome sample instrument:

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