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Remote Violin

An intimate and unique take on an instrument we all know and love.
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The wait is finally over. Introducing the new Remote Violin!

While this is not the first string instrument Acousmatic Sounds has built, it is the biggest yet!

Intimate and full of personality, Remote Violin is a unique addition to your composer toolkit.

Six sound sources make up this instrument, each with their own pan control, providing you with a vast array of alternative version of what a violin can sound like. Further control is provided by its CC assignable controls. The Modwheel toggles between different effects, depending on which sound source you have on. The final addition to this instrument that allows full liberty is the addition of ADSR controls.

Exploring Remote Violin is greatly gratifying, however, I have included some screenshots of some interesting sounds that allow you to quickly appreciate just what this instrument is able to do. Depending on where you place Remote Violin in your mix, the slight harshness of the direct sound can be can add some bite and organic tones to any string line.

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