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Some big news! I'm on Patreon

Alright everyone, I have big news, you can now find me on PATREON!

In case you haven't heard of Patreon, it's an amazing platform that allows amazing and beautiful people like yourselves to support artists and creators in their craft.

I love writing and producing music and I have decided to focus all my time and energy into making music as my full time job. Being able to do this fills me with great joy , but it can be a challenge at times to focus solely on the creative when I have bills to pay and a mega cute cat to feed.

This is where you guys come in.

With your participation, my future patrons, I will have the opportunity to continue my creative endeavour, compose and produce my music for all of you. I will dedicate my time on finishing all my upcoming (and new) projects and compose stunning music, work with every talented musician that crosses my path to then record, mix and master my creations.

Any and all pieces, tracks, scores, soundtracks, any music I write, will be for and because of you.

Of course, all my patrons will get first dibs on all my new material and news about my ongoing projects.

Visit my Patreon profile, share it with everyone you know and support me in this path with as much as you can afford. I will be forever grateful!

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